Life drawing assignment #2 “victory boogie-woogie by Piet Mondrian.


“I construct lines and colour combination on a flat surface,in order to express general beauty with the utmost awareness.Nature(or that which I see)inspires me, puts me as with any painter,in an  emotional state so that an urge comes about to make something,but I want to come as close as possible to the truth and abstract everything from that untill inreach the foundation(still just an external foundation)of things.I believe if is possible that,through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation,led by high intuition and brought to harmony and rythem, these basic forms of beauty supplemented if necessary by other direct lines or curves,can become a work of art, as strong as it is true”Piet Mondrian.
The piece is made up of a number of shimmering squares of bright colour that leap from the convas,then appear to shimmer.drawing the viewer into those neon lights.He replaced former solid lines with line created from small adjoining retangles of colours punctuate the design.some with small pieces of paper tape in various colours.larger unbounded concentric retangles inside them.They are bright, lively paintings reflecting the upbeat music that inspired them and the city which they were made.Again, it shows how only coulour is used as a means of expression and that,not only objects can be termed as art.It all deals with how one looks at an art work,that through horizontal and vertical lines constructio, one can make an art.


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