WHAT IS FASHION??. (what I use to think about fashion).

I often ask myself, what fashion is all about.I know people have this same question,and I know some thought fashion is all about the lights, camera, the glits and the glamour, with all the fame and money that comes with it right??.hahahahaha u got me there.i thought so to.i thought fashion designing was all about making dresses, the fitting, the dresses on the runwayand the lights and all that, that comes with making dresses, but noooooooooooooooo, n let me stress on the noooooooooo.laugh out loud.fashion entails a whole lot.Fashion is an art, it’s a science, it’s a passion, it’s a dream, it’s an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.hahhahahahahaha I can go on and on about what fashion is, cause it is a broad subject and leaves more room for ones imagination.

        I was fortunate to learn about all this, when I entered a fashion school, Joyce Ababioo college of creative design(JACCD).I went into the school more prepared and ever ready to learn how to sew, to learn sewing and enjoy all the riches and the fame that comes with it.(yes i do think about money alot)but in the school, I was thought to open my mind to think outside the box, hence the schools motto:STEP INSIDE THINK OUTSIDE.we  made to think outside our comfort zone, see the fashion world not just in the palm of our hands, but see it as a world of opportunities, of realities, and we are at the centre of it all.Fashion desgning has lots of branches, from drapers, to marketers, to illustrators, to fashion editors, fashion bloggers(like myself).the designing and a whole lot about this business industry that crown it all giving it the name fashion designing. I knew about colours and it’s combination but not to this skill.how u can incorporate art, and even music into designing, how one has to see what is there, n what isnt.that is negative and positive spaces  to bring out a unique piece.i saw designers as people who just made the dresses and just put them on the runway, and i wanted to be a part of that world, never thought of the process, the hardwork and the sleepless nights and what goes into making a dress on a ticking clock.

Fashion in short is hardwork, it’ not easy, it’s never gets easy, and it will never be easy.but ones an individual decides to go into fashion, it changes their mindset.it is assumed that designers dont think, they just come out with nice collection and all that, but I stand firm in my saying that this notion is wrong, fashion designers I will say are the best people who use their brains everyday.no one said it will be easy, I would encourage anyone and everyone who say I want to pursue fashion designing to go for it and never be deceived, cause apart from all the stress and the hula balloon.Fashion designing is something one must go for, if you have the passion for it.i know I did, and I haven’t regetted it, it’s gets better with time.Rome wasn’t built in a day.so yeah go for it.all the best.*wink**wink*


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