What I Did For Love

Funny,but this is so true on so many levels.I love it

Literally Patti Murin

1374291_724263284266109_1603825607_nSo I openly and loudly consider myself one of the luckiest women alive, because somehow I managed to find one of those incredibly rare and unique men who is kind, loving, loyal, intelligent, funny, laid back, and who puts up with me willingly and happily. Oh, and he’s hot. Like REAL hot. Good work, Murin.

Fear not, this whole blog is not going to be a sickeningly delirious post about how much I love my fiancee and how lucky I am to have found him and blah blah blah chick lit novel I can’t believe he’s mine what did I do to deserve this. No, I deserve him. Oh, I freaking deserve him. Because when I look back on everything I went through to get him? I can’t believe I lasted this long without becoming a nun or a cat lady, or worst of all, a contestant on The Bachelor.

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Colour and design assignment #5 the wedding(Jacob Lawrence).


He shows the relationship between complentary colours.He uses tinys,tones and shades in alot of his painting.He rearly uses bright hues in his painting,he does not use only monochromatic colours,in his artwork,but also move more towards the anagolous colours.lots of his artworks are in muted colour.
       Again more of his painting tells a story.His artwork is not always of a perfect picture,but his use of monochromatic colours brings out whatever,he wants to say with his artwork come across.